Are Tattoos Healthy?  What you should and what you can do

Are Tattoos Healthy? What you should and what you can do

Posted by Living Traditionally Inc. on Feb 14th 2019

In case you missed it, for about the past 20 years there has been a tattoo trend in America and Europe. Today, about 40% of the population (ages 18-40) have a tattoo (about a third reporting they did so because “it makes them feel sexy”). For many, it has become an obsession. I myself, do not have any tattoo’s and after doing a little research, I’m glad I don’t. If you are thinking about getting a tattoo, or more tattoo’s, perhaps you should be aware of the health dangers associated with tattoos.

Tattoos Are Toxic Chemicals

Tattoo Ink contains a variety of heavy metals. For example, red tattoo inks often contain mercury which is embedded permanently into the skin. Usually, the extent to which heavy metals are used in tattoo inks are hidden by the fact that ink manufacturers do not have to release the ingredients (as the FDA does not regulate tattoo ink). What we do know, is that tattoo inks often use industrial grade coloring that is also used in printer ink and automobile paint. TheFDA’s website makes a clear warning that tattoo inks can cause infections, allergic reactions, inflammation and possible future problems if you need a medical MRI.

Aside from the ink, tattoo pigments also contain carrier solutions that are toxic. These are substances such as alcohols, methanol, antifreeze, detergents, formaldehyde and toxic aldehydes. There have also been cases of malignant melanoma on the site of tattoos, however, researchers were not sure the cancer was present due to the tattoo itself or coincidence.

Further, a very concerning study published by Dr. Bob Haley and Dr. Paul Fischer at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical School in Dallas concluded that tattoos are the single largest contributor to the spread of hepatitis C in the US. “We found that commercially acquired tattoos accounted for more than twice as many hepatitis C infections as injection-drug use. This means it may have been the largest single contributor to the nationwide epidemic of this form of hepatitis.”


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