Want to Ruin Christmas for You and Your Family?  Let Yourself Get Sick!

Want to Ruin Christmas for You and Your Family? Let Yourself Get Sick!

Posted by Living Traditionally Inc. on Dec 4th 2018

Nothing can spoil the Holiday cheer faster than a cold of flu! No matter your age, or where you live, viruses and bacteria are being spread faster now than any other time of year. With the potent combination of cold weather (a reminder colds and flu's come from viruses and bacteria’s, not from temperature), travel (as we find ourselves trapped in close quarters to many other people), and of course shopping (those malls are filled with literally billions if not trillions of viruses and bacteria’s). It really is a wonder that we aren’t all sick!

To help increase your odds of maintaining your health over the holiday’s it is important to be reminded of the best way to support our immune system.

The Primary thing to do is to focus on disease prevention. This means fortifying your immune system with the necessary vitamins and minerals it needs to function at it’s best. While there is a long list of foods that provide the necessary nutrients, there is a reality we need to be mindful of… the reality of our lifestyle and diet. Chances are you are not, and will not, consume the quantity nor the quality of nutrient rich foods you need on a daily basis. Even if you did, the cost of the organic fruits, vegetables, meats and nuts would be very high on a daily basis. This has to do with our lifestyle, limited availability of fresh produce during the winter, holiday parties/treats, etc. As a result, the best way is to get the necessary vitamins and minerals is to supplement our diets with nutrient rich dietary supplements, while avoiding all the man-made vitamin and mineral substitutes (which our body does not recognize and often just expels) that line the vitamin section shelves in conventional stores.

The best way to supplement your diet, your family’s diet, and increase immunity in your home is to provide your family with Organic Wheat Grass. The great thing about wheat grass is it’s affordable, easy to take (can be taken with water, juices, added to smoothies, soups, sauces, etc.) and since it is 100% natural, its nutritional content is easily processed and absorbed by your body...after all Wheat Grass is real food!

Living Traditionally (livingtraditionallystore.com) Wheat grass is Organic, natural and effective! You can trust it for its quality and safety!

If you do find yourself getting sick, is addition to rest, it is imperative to keep essential oils such as Oregano, Thyme, garlic and peppermint on hand for both their anti-bacterial, anti-viral and respiratory benefits. Adding lemon to green tea is also very therapeutic and supportive of the immune system.  

Results from dietary supplements vary from user to user. Not all individuals will experience similar results and should be discontinued if any allergic or other reactions occur. Pregnant women and children should always contact a physician before taking any dietary supplements or other medications.