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Total Body Anti-Aging Program:
Anti-Aging From The Inside Out



Anyone over 30 can tell you that aging is not just external... we can feel ourselves age from the inside-out.  This is why Living Traditionally is offering a holistic approach to anti-aging which attacks aging from all fronts (interior and exterior). 

Our skin is a external reflection of our interior health. Interior health affects such things as energy levels (which affect your ability to be active and exercise effectively), digestion (the ability of your body to process nutrients), immunity (fighting off infection and maintaining your daily life), chemical composition and pH levels (which can create environments in which cancer cells thrive), oxidation and toxin levels (which affect weight loss, energy and health).  All these cause stress and aging to our body that is eventually made evident in the form of exterior aging (lines and wrinkles). 

However, by combining natural and organic supplements that are individually chosen for their specific anti-aging properties we can roll back the clock and rejuvenate our body.  The Anti-Aging Super Pack will provide your body with all the necessary vitamins, minerals and proteins to regain interior health, while directly replacing lost collagen and supportive tissues fibers (which cause lines and wrinkles). 

Each Living Traditionally Anti-Aging Super Pack contains about a month supply of:

Organic Wheatgrass: Wheatgrass is an amazing SUPERFOOD that is loaded with essential vitamins and minerals (including 13 essential ones and dozens of trace elements and enzymes).  

  • Restore pH balance by increasing your alkaline levels and balancing your pH levels (most people due to diet and environment have overly acidic pH levels)
  • Wheatgrass contains ALL minerals known to man (Iron, zinc, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, calcium, sodium and selenium are all present in wheat grass in at least trace amounts). Plus: Vitamins A, B-complex, C, E, I & K.
  • Wheatgrass is very rich in Protein (contains 17 different Amino Acids, the building block of protein)
  • Chlorophyll creates a highly oxygenated environment in your body which helps increase Alkaline pH levels and helps eliminate Acidosis (a common problem in our society due to an overly acidic diet and environmental carcinogens). 
  • Antioxidants such as flavonoids and Phenolic Acid help eliminate toxins and increases immunity and energy.  Wheat grass is a natural liver cleanser and blood strengthener.
  • Enzymes help to support overall gut health.  Also, has been shown to help treat hyperlipidemia. 


Organic Spirulina Powder:  It was Spirulina that was called the “best food of the future” by the World Food Conference. But is was when NASA added Spirulina to the Astronauts diet that put Spirulina on the map. Since then, there have been many studies demonstrating the wide range of healthy properties this supplement provides.

  • Living Traditionally Spirulina is a great source of highly usable and digestible Proteins and 9 essential Amino Acids. Good for vegetarians, vegans and athletes (increases endurance and muscle strength). Provides the essential fatty acid GLA. High in Omega’s 3, 6, and 9!
  • Spirulina Powder contains very high levels of B vitamins (including B1, B2 and B9) also vitamins C, D and E. Contains a very absorb-able form of Iron (great for vegetarians and vegans).
  • ORAC over 24,000 (4X that of blueberries). Reduces free radical damage and exercise induced oxidation leading to more muscle building and less fatigue. Higher endurance levels make workouts more productive leading to increased weight loss. Works as heavy metal detox agent (arsenic levels drastically reduced in tests). Provides beta-carotene and chlorophyll
  • Spirulina helps treat Candida and Yeast infections. Candida is a hallmark of autoimmune disease. Helps prevent leaky gut syndrome. Reduces acidity in the gut and helps lower risk of infection. Increases immunity and energy levels!


Non-GMO Hydrolyzed Bovine Collagen Powder:  Directly attack those wrinkles with Collagen powder!  Collagen supports the growth and development of collagen fibers (which provide support and structure for your face and body). Living Traditionally Collagen Powder provides small chain peptides, proteins, amino acids and proline which helps your body naturally develop and preserve skin tone and structure.

  • Supports strong hair: Strengthen and support new hair growth while making mature hair look radiant and healthy.  We know you will notice the difference with stronger and fuller hair. 
  • Strengthen Nails:  Tired of breaking your nails just after a manicure?  Want to stop using fake nails?  Collagen will strengthen and induce fast growing nails.
  • Support Gut Health:  Prevent leaky gut syndrome and improve digestion and nutrient absorption.
  • Makes Wrinkles Disappear:  Replace lost collagen fibers with hydrolyzed collagen supplements.  


How to the Program works:

The Living Traditionally Super Pack is a non-invasive and natural way to achieve your anti-aging goals.  The below dietary supplement schedule is designed for you to get the best results while not invading your body with foreign chemicals or products (such as Injections or surgery).  It is also designed to easily fit into your daily routine.  While the below is a guide, you may adjust some elements to better suit your needs and/or lifestyle.






Results from dietary supplements vary from user to user. Not all individuals will experience similar results and should be discontinued if any allergic or other reactions occur. Pregnant women and children should always contact a physician before taking any dietary supplements or other medications.